Leave your mark on the sands of time !!!

Leave the world a better place than the one you came into. Crying you came into this world but leave it with a smile having done your part well. Life is a journey with a very definite conclusion; birth at one end and death at the other.
Spend the time in between fruitfully and leave your mark on the sands of time.

Lead a life of love, compassion and kindness. Shower empathy and benevolence. Help, heal and spread happiness. Don’t hurt or harm anyone knowingly or willfully. This is what will bring tremendous satisfaction. Because in the end all that matters is how you lived and whether you were able to achieve your purpose. ~Latika Teotia

Dream on !!!

Dream big and dream of a beautiful world where the sun always shines; where everyone sports a smile; where sorrow doesn’t come knocking on any one’s door; where there is plenty of love and where time stands still to watch you enjoy life.

Dream of a peaceful world, a world where children retain their innocence and are not violated even before they bloom; where love exists in its true form and breakups are never heard of; where families grow instead of shrinking; where loneliness doesn’t exist and old age is spent enjoying the fruits of love that you sowed.

Dream of a world where unselfishness  and selflessness  rule the roost; where we are not divided on the basis of colour or creed, instead we treat each other with love and respect; where there is equality in everything and the line between the haves and have not’s doesn’t exist.

Such a world will bring Heaven on Earth.

Fly out on the wings of imagination to build such a world and let not even the sky be your limit. ~Latika Teotia


Be a blessing !!!

There’s anger, there’s hatred, there’s jealousy, there’s indifference in this word, but there’s love too. Love is a balm that soothes, heals and covers all. Why not choose Love and live a blissful life. ~Latika Teotia