Woman, be proud of yourself !!!

From all the chaos, confusion, disorder, turmoil and pandemonium around her where things are in total disarray a woman is capable of not only restoring order but also bringing peace as well as harmony. She is brave, competent, accomplished, gifted, capable and blessed. Woman, be proud of yourself. ~Latika Teotia

Woman, know thyself and recognize your worth !!!

Woman you are strong, you are patient and you have been blessed with a very large heart. Stand up, stand tall and take your place under the sun. Get out of your “I am weak” mind set, crush that self doubting frame of mind which makes it impossible for you to take a step forward and soar on the wings of confidence. You have only to decide to don the mantle of the confident, vibrant, positive woman and the world is yours. So step up, step out and fly…~Latika Teotia

Be Empowered !!!

Choose hope, instead of feeding your sadness. Steer clear of the fear of failure and disappointment. Soar high on the wings of endless hope and God’s unconditional love for you. You are a woman, a beautiful woman, be confident in yourself. ~Latika Teotia

Man must respect the mother of his children!!!

Woman is God’s gift to mankind. She gives the greatest treasure- children- and completes the family. Without her, man is incomplete. So, even if a relationship doesn’t work out, the least that a man can do is to show respect to her who gave him the children. It will also give the children a sense of security as well as belongingness; because the parents may have broken their relationship and moved on, the children haven’t. So, a man shouldn’t stop respecting his partner and shouldn’t stop loving his children either. He must learn to respect his children’s choice of who to love- he shouldn’t suffocate them with his likes and dislikes.  ~Latika Teotia