Dream on !!!

Dream big and dream of a beautiful world where the sun always shines; where everyone sports a smile; where sorrow doesn’t come knocking on any one’s door; where there is plenty of love and where time stands still to watch you enjoy life.

Dream of a peaceful world, a world where children retain their innocence and are not violated even before they bloom; where love exists in its true form and breakups are never heard of; where families grow instead of shrinking; where loneliness doesn’t exist and old age is spent enjoying the fruits of love that you sowed.

Dream of a world where unselfishness  and selflessness  rule the roost; where we are not divided on the basis of colour or creed, instead we treat each other with love and respect; where there is equality in everything and the line between the haves and have not’s doesn’t exist.

Such a world will bring Heaven on Earth.

Fly out on the wings of imagination to build such a world and let not even the sky be your limit. ~Latika Teotia