You deserve better !!!

Cutting ties from toxic relationships doesn’t make you a quitter. I am sure you must have tried your best and given your 100 % . But there is a limit to everything. Know that some people just don’t deserve  that much attention and efforts. So, best would be to protect your peace and energy for better things and people. Yes … it’s damn difficult and one of the hardest decision to burn bridge but  it’s a right to do . ~Latika Teotia

A better way to live peacefully is to constantly forgive !!!

As long as there are people in our lives of our past whom we have not forgiven, we are not free of them. We are carrying them on our back. They are with us all the time forever close, breathing down our necks, whispering into our ears, threatening our piece of our mind, a constant conscious or unconscious reminder of our pain or injustice. Only forgiveness has the power to break this chain of pain. Forgiveness cleanses the soul. For your own good, try to forgive some today , I know it is easier said than done but you can consciously try to practice forgiveness. A better way to live peacefully is to constantly forgive. ~Latika Teotia

Make your soul happy !!!

By all means help out others, sacrifice if you have to but it should not at the cost of your own peace, ease and well being. More often than not we self sacrifice and do things to please others. At the back of our minds we always have this feeling that if we don’t do this or that, others might leave us- we are always looking for other people’s approval. Don’t be a hypocrite; be your natural as well as original self; do what gives you satisfaction and carry out those tasks which make you happy, because in the end what matters is your own peace of mind as well as self satisfaction. ~Latika Teotia