Take Away The Power !!!

If you are feeling that everything seems to be against you, nothing positive you are feeling about the situation, I would suggest you to find out the “Why”. Try to learn from the situation you have been put in. Take steps to change the situation for a positive outcome. Even if you cannot change the main issue, you can atleast change your reaction to it and that will take away half of the power from the negative issue…~Latika Teotia

Give others a break !!!

Quite often we feel neglected because we expect others to ask about us, worry about our problems and feel disappointed and upset if they don’t. We must realize that people are so caught up with their own lives and their own problems that they hardly have any time to look around. If someone doesn’t give a personal touch, it doesn’t mean that they are indifferent or uncaring; on the contrary, their busy life, their problems, struggles and so on have turned them into what they are. But, that doesn’t mean you become like them. Just do what you would’ve expected others to do. Be concerned about the problems of others; empathize with those who’re passing through a rough patch; offer to help those in distress- in short, show that you care. ~Latika Teotia

Finding ways to build your relationship !!!

Don’t hesitate to take the first step for anything that is positive. If someone has hurt you (knowingly or unknowingly) it’s better to clarify. Chances are that it was a small issue or misunderstanding and became big due to lack of communication. Waiting for the other person to take the first step to end an issue is nothing but an ego issue. Don’t sacrifice relationship at the altar of petty egos. ~Latika Teotia

Be Understanding !!!

Whenever I feel tempted to judge others through the prism of my limited view, I shift my focus to understanding them. Whenever I am about to lose my temper and throw a fit, I imagine the other person to be a small child. This automatically calms me down and makes me more sympathetic.
~Latika Teotia

Help a person who is passing through a bout of depression !!!

You’ll be doing a great selfless service by helping a person who is passing through a bout of depression. Remember, depression doesn’t come up suddenly; a series of incidents makes a person depressed. If you really want to help a depressed person then don’t interfere by nagging, pushing, giving them moral lectures and burdening them with “shoulds” & “shouldn’ts.” Give them space, time and unconditional support. Let them know that you’re around and that it’s human to  pass through such a phase. Let them understand that you’re not judging them so that they feel comfortable enough to open out to you. ~Latika Teotia

Empathy wins hearts !!!

When people react or feel touchy over very small non issues, don’t take things to heart- be grounded and draw strength from your inner self. Be patient with them and learn to focus on the good in them. Ignore their shortcomings and stop seeing them through the magnifying glass of what you perceive to be right. After all they are human beings and you are not aware of their problems or what they have been through. Take time to understand people instead of forming opinions. Empathize with them, remember empathy wins hearts. ~Latika Teotia

Choose to be kind, gentle and full of grace !!!

This life is already very difficult for a lot of people. With age almost everyone has scars and we all are so very fragile. So, instead of reacting to anything, respond and try to understand. Choose to be kind, gentle and full of grace. ~Latika Teotia

Instead of retaliating learn to respond !!!

Instead of retaliating learn to respond. Have the courage to accept your flaws and the serenity to face, correct and overcome them. If someone fights with you, make that person see reason. Respond with love to those who hate you. Do not condemn those who oppose you. The world is a beautiful place and you have but one life. Don’t waste it. Aim for peace of mind. ~Latika Teotia