Avoid Toxicity !!!

Negativity is toxic and spreads like smoke. Even though you may not be the cause or source of smoke, you are forced to be a passive inhaler- which is just as bad. It would be better if you consciously got rid of such company.~Latika Teotia

Save yourself from people who are not meant for you and who hurt your soul !!!

God has removed some people from your life for a reason, respect that or else you won’t be able to live a life He wants you to. Do not keep going back to the people who have been removed from your life or who have hurt you. Be firm and stand up against the injustice that is being heaped on you. Refuse to be cowed down. Not putting up with the nonsense of others will not be construed as being rude or unkind, you will still continue to be a sweet, loving, kind and gentle person that you really are. ~Latika Teotia