Spread Your Love & Cheer !!!

We all want to live happily, don’t we ???To reach that state isn’t very difficult or unachievable either. All we have to do is: become the “ray of light” in everybody’s life. Cheerfulness is a magnet for all blessings. If we can promise to ourselves that we will never speak unkindly of anyone, spread warmth around us, help as many people as we can, always be there for anybody who needs us, love sunshine and rainy days in equal measure, and, yes of course love ourselves as well as others unconditionally, then, and only then, we will be so full of love to love life that we will effortlessly stay cheerful and happy. ~Latika Teotia

Develop a habit of appreciation !!!

Best thing in the present phase is to indulge in reflecting back positively. By asking that how many times did I thank those who contributed greatly in my life. We take our families for granted. We hardly say thanks to our family members.

Now is the time to send an appreciation note or say something appreciating to your family member. Remember the more you appreciate the little gestures the more joyful atmosphere you create. ~Latika Teotia