Shake it off !!! Begin again !!!

Don’t waste time over regretting what happened to you and brooding over it. Be realistic- it’s over. Come to terms with it. The earlier you bounce back, the better it’ll be for you.  ~Latika Teotia

Live in Now !!!

There are lots of places yet to be seen, horizons yet to be explored and heights yet to be scaled. Don’t live in regret afterwards because you would find it physically difficult later. So go ahead, visit friends, journey out, fall in love, in short do what your heart wants to do- because there’s no better time than the present one; make the most of it. ~Latika Teotia

Accept whatever happened and move on !!!

We, at times, criticize ourselves for making immature choices. But if you think with real compassion you will find that those were the right choices at that point of time. Everything happens for a reason, maybe, that was destined. Anyway the best would be to accept whatever happened and move on.
~Latika Teotia

Never hesitate to change !!!

There’s no such thing as “good time” or “bad time” to change and its most certainly never too late to carry out mid course corrections whether in your relationship or even in your life. Once you realise that the road you have been walking on is not the right one and that it will not bring happiness, then, just change it. Don’t regret having walked this far on that road; be happy that it brought you to some place at least- to the place you now stand today. It’s an experience and you are that much wiser and that much richer from it. Now you can take a better and well thought out decision to change. Go for it.
~Latika Teotia