Prayer For Caretakers !!!

Filled with tons of love, I am sending virtual hugs to all those who are “the Caretakers”. I absolutely understand and can relate that how difficult it becomes at times to remain positive, hopeful, compassionate and kind, because of excessive stress, overwork, low energy level, tiredness, overconcern, etc. In such situation, to raise the vibrations, we should practice gratitude, mindfulness, meditation, reciting mantras/ affirmations or cleansing.  In short, we have to raise our vibrations to bring back the positive energy and loving vibes.

Right now, I am praying that you feel the warmth of God’s embrace and experience His peace… ~Latika Teotia

Trust God and Practice Patience !!!

In these trying times when the only thing that is certain is UNCERTAINTY,  we must not lose patience. Yes, these are chaotic times, but, remember out of chaos is born order. Do not shy away from donning a new _avtaar_ by rising from the chaos and reinventing yourself. Do not resist- it will only result in pain. Smile and sing your way through life- that’s the only way to survive and come out stronger at the other end. ~Latika Teotia

Pray regularly !!!

We want our prayers answered in time but rarely pause to think whether we prayed in time. Before we hold God responsible for our unanswered prayers, we must ask ourselves, did we pray in time? In fact we must search our souls and ask ourselves that do we pray regularly or do we look up to Him only when in trouble. ~Latika Teotia

My prayer !!!

O God keep me motivated enough to spread loving vibrations, magnanimous enough to ignore small stuff and tender enough to understand others better.~Latika Teotia

What is God trying to tell you lately?

God keeps sending messages through the Universe, through His Angels and through a million different ways. Be open, look around and you will not only see but also hear what He has to convey. Listen to everything, not only to the good things but even to the uncomfortable ones- including criticism, harsh truths of life and so on. If you are willing as well as open He will find ways to tell you exactly what is meant for you and guide you on to the chosen path. ~Latika Teotia

Be decisive !!!

Your indecisiveness can lead you to being manipulated and controlled like a puppet by others. Because you can’t decide- you can be pushed into compromising and bending backwards.

Take responsibility of your life and your choices. Seeking support for every choice or decision can make you easy prey to the people you are looking up to. Once in a while it’s OK to take their suggestion but for every little thing going to them is not right and will not help you in the long run either. People will start taking you for granted and lose respect for you.

God has given you wisdom so use that; follow your gut feelings and try to lead your life as an outcome of your own choices. At least it will be your life based on your decisions and you won’t have any regrets later. Pray if you feel weak at deciding things, God will surely help you. ~Latika Teotia

Pray, trust and walk in faith always and in all the ways !!!

God’s mercy knows no bounds; His amazing miracles can heal even the most serious illness and make you come out of any difficult situation without a scratch. He can help you deal with all your relationship issues and remove all financial problems with one stroke. He can bless you with a purposeful life. Pray, trust and walk in faith always and in all the ways. ~Latika Teotia

To seek God’s help you have to help yourself too !!!

It is quite likely that while you are praying for God’s mercy and your wishes to be answered He too may be waiting to give you the desired wish. But, you have to at least start working towards it. You can’t just be sitting idle waiting for miracles. You have to work towards it and when the going gets tough, pray to Him to help you out. To seek God’s help you have to help yourself too.
~Latika Teotia