Go for your peace !!!

At times, it is better to walk away from a relationship before it drains you. Just as we cut off dead branches to keep the tree healthy and growing, it is better to rid yourself of negativity as it only pulls you down and hampers your growth.~Latika Teotia

Delve deep and rediscover yourself !!!

If self loathing, self criticism, self pity and playing the victim have been a part of your behaviour and has not helped or given you any peace, then for a change ,try appreciating yourself. It might bring the much needed peace. You never know you may pleasantly surprise yourself by discovering your inner strength. Delve deep and rediscover yourself !!! ~Latika Teotia

Acceptance brings peace !!!

Acceptance and expectations are two tides of the same coin. While expectations end in dismay,despair and disappointment/acceptance brings joy.There is more peace in acceptance. ~Latika Teotia

Forgiveness cleanses the soul !!!

Forgiveness cleanses the soul. Just because some people are unkind, indifferent and even cruel doesn’t mean that you have to retaliate. A better way to live peacefully is to constantly forgive everyone and pray for them. There’s nothing more beautiful and purer than praying for others. God gave this beautiful life to love and spread hope. ~Latika Teotia

Breaking up pretty much sucks but !!!

If your relationship is not working out, move on. Initially you may be scared because of the perceived uncertainties; don’t panic. You may feel miserable and cry. The process will take time. Be patient; learn to be tough and strong. Just move on and move away. The sacrifice will be worth it. Because at the end of the road is a beautiful rainbow. Your joy at the new found and well earned peace as well as freedom will be worth it. ~Latika Teotia

Protect your turf !!!

Protect your turf; learn to say NO and learn to do it emphatically. Your space is your castle and no one has the right to barge in. ~Latika Teotia

Send out love !!!

If peace is what you long for, then try not to hate or hurt back. Instead, send loving vibrations and Blessings of healing because what you give is what you will receive. ~Latika Teotia