Love, love and more love !!!

Let’s open our hearts a little wider and make a conscious choice to be kind, caring, generous, patient, accepting, forgiving, and selfless. ~Latika Teotia

Learn to be patient when something goes wrong !!!

Everything happens for a reason  because it’s in the overall scheme of things that God has planned. Whether it’s happiness or sadness, success or failure, good times or difficult ones He knows about it all. So take everything as the will of God. I know it’s easy to be grateful when things are going your way and all is well. But we must learn to be patient when something goes wrong. Do not despair. Pray and allow God to move you from despair to hope; fear to calmness; helplessness to confidence and weakness to strength. God has the power to set everything right- place all your trust in Him.
~Latika Teotia

Empathy wins hearts !!!

When people react or feel touchy over very small non issues, don’t take things to heart- be grounded and draw strength from your inner self. Be patient with them and learn to focus on the good in them. Ignore their shortcomings and stop seeing them through the magnifying glass of what you perceive to be right. After all they are human beings and you are not aware of their problems or what they have been through. Take time to understand people instead of forming opinions. Empathize with them, remember empathy wins hearts. ~Latika Teotia

You are strong, stay that way !!!

Stay calm and composed even when the things around you appear to be in a state of chaos. Learn to draw on your inner strength to brave all the storms. Stay firm and rock steady and let the disorder around you turn into order. That is your real test. You must not allow anyone or anything to take away your peace of mind or unbalance you. Don’t let even the worst of storms steal your inner peace and calm. You are strong, hold on to your peace. ~Latika Teotia

You can’t change people !!!

Don’t expect people to change because you want them to and since YOU think that’s it good for them; you’ll be sorely disappointed. A more workable approach is to flow along the tide and accept how the other person wants to do things. And if you still feel that some correction is required, then, slowly, patiently and subtly steer them in the right direction because by then you would have gained their confidence. ~Latika Teotia