Learn to be kind and gentle !!!

Love is all encompassing. It conquers all, even the most hard hearted. If you want an enriched life then learn to be kind and gentle. Learn to spread love and joy. If you want to lead a carefree life, then free yourself from this web- of self constructed walls and unnecessary rules- that you have woven around yourself. ~Latika Teotia

To fully and truly and fully appreciate life !!!

To fully and truly and fully appreciate life and its various facets you must see them with an open mind. If you start analyzing everything, you’ll end up leading an incomplete life with lots of missing pieces.

If you try to weigh charity with money you’ll never be able to feel the true satisfaction of giving.

If you try to measure relationship on usefulness template, you’ll never be able to comprehend the trust, love and bonding that relationship encompasses.

If you try to calculate friendship from the angle of profit loss you’ll never be able to understand the meaning of friendship and sacrifice.

Live life through the prism of your heart and not under the cold gaze of your cold calculative mind. Some things are absolutely priceless, don’t try to put a price tag on them. ~Latika Teotia