My ‘yes’ is very very exclusive !!!

Saying yes comes very easily to me and, more often than not, I get into situations that could have been avoided by using the magical two letter word, ‘NO’. Then I sit back and regret having said yes to something which is guaranteed to take away my peace of mind. So, enough of pandering to others, enough of indulging those who do not help me grow enough of saying ‘yes’ to those who are not good for my well being. I have consciously decided to be very very choosy about saying yes. I will say yes to my happiness, peace and growth. My ‘yes’ will also be given to those who inspire me and who motivate me to reach higher.  ~Latika Teotia

Protect your turf !!!

Protect your turf; learn to say NO and learn to do it emphatically. Your space is your castle and no one has the right to barge in. ~Latika Teotia