Have unshakeable faith and absolute trust in God !!!

Having unshakeable faith and absolute trust in God will make you notice His miracles everywhere. Hold Him the closest in your heart. Live joyfully under His guidance and you will find your troubles, problems and unease just disappearing. He has the ability to turn troubles inside out and keep you out of harm’s way. Yes that’s the best way forward- total, complete and unconditional faith as well as trust in God. ~Latika Teotia

Pray, trust and walk in faith always and in all the ways !!!

God’s mercy knows no bounds; His amazing miracles can heal even the most serious illness and make you come out of any difficult situation without a scratch. He can help you deal with all your relationship issues and remove all financial problems with one stroke. He can bless you with a purposeful life. Pray, trust and walk in faith always and in all the ways. ~Latika Teotia

Be alert His miracles can come up any time !!!

Strange are the ways of God. At times He showers His gifts when we least expect them.
Treat each day as an important one; you never know He may have decided to send you a gift through a small child looking for help or an unknown stranger seeking directions to a place or a person unable to pay his coffee bill because his pocket has been picked or a lady on the next table who absent mindedly leaves her purse in the café. Anyone of them could be the carrier of God’s gifts.
Be alert His miracles can come up any time, in any form and through anyone. Your life may be about to change, His Angel is on the way so don’t be caught napping. Don’t treat today or any day as just another day. ~Latika Teotia

To seek God’s help you have to help yourself too !!!

It is quite likely that while you are praying for God’s mercy and your wishes to be answered He too may be waiting to give you the desired wish. But, you have to at least start working towards it. You can’t just be sitting idle waiting for miracles. You have to work towards it and when the going gets tough, pray to Him to help you out. To seek God’s help you have to help yourself too.
~Latika Teotia

Life is not just about rushing through. It’s also about taking a break !!!

God’s simple Blessings are nothing short of miracles. That rain drop trapped in a leaf, that glistening dew drop which has just caught the first rays of a new born sun, that sweet song of the Nightingale, those beautiful woolly clouds with their unique designs (have you ever noticed that clouds never make the same design twice- and we humans struggle to draw something new or write something unique), the pit pit patter of the rain creating a music of its own. These are but some of His Blessings that make me look up in awe at our Creator. So caught up are we in our daily lives with our monotonous routine that we fail to notice the millions of miracles happening all around us. Pause. Look around. Notice. Feel. ~Latika Teotia