No one is perfect, even the people we love !!!

No one is perfect, even the people we love. We expect too much from others and feel sorely disappointed when they don’t measure up to our standards. We must stop expecting too much and start being real. Our parents, siblings, relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues and all others too go wrong at times. Accept them as they are with their flaws, faults, warts and all. Forgive them. That’s maturity and that too is love. Relationships over ride our urge to seek perfection. ~Latika Teotia

Be there for your love no matter what !!!

If you are selective in love then you are neither doing justice nor are you being fair. You can’t be choosy. You cannot just pick the good times and run away when trouble befalls. That’s not love. You have to standby through thick and thin and weather all storms that may come. That’s the real challenge and that is love. ~Latika Teotia