Live a life of goodness !!!

We are always in conflict with our own selves. There are two kinds of voices within all of us- the voice of love, empathy, compassion, reason, care for others and so on while the other one is of selfishness, greed, mistrust, jealousy, fear, anxiety and so on. The first voice is benevolent, kind, trusting, and benign; it can be related to our higher selves and puts us at ease. The other one is full of anxiety, distrust and fear; it relates to our lower selves and will never allow us to be at peace.

God created us in His own image, so we have no right to let Him down. Live a life full of care, empathy and compassion. Do not compare yourself with others, nor should you be overly concerned about what others might think of you or bother yourself if others are doing better than you. Just do what your conscience dictates to you; listen to the first voice and live a life of goodness.

What is God trying to tell you lately?

God keeps sending messages through the Universe, through His Angels and through a million different ways. Be open, look around and you will not only see but also hear what He has to convey. Listen to everything, not only to the good things but even to the uncomfortable ones- including criticism, harsh truths of life and so on. If you are willing as well as open He will find ways to tell you exactly what is meant for you and guide you on to the chosen path. ~Latika Teotia

Lead a fulfilling life full of bliss !!!

Discover your inner self; listen to you inner voice. It will lead you on paths as yet untrodden; open doors that you took for granted were always shut and take you to places that you never knew even existed. You will meet new people who will share the same vibes as yours and discover a life that you ought to have been leading. However, if you can’t hear that inner voice properly then it’s high time that you decreased the volume of the din around you. Maybe too many distractions have taken a toll on your inner self and made that inner voice feeble. Turn a new leaf, take charge of your life and lead a fulfilling life full of bliss. ~Latika Teotia

Sharing your feelings isn’t weak !!!

I know you want to keep things private and you have a desire to appear strong. I am sure you must be having your own strong reasons. But Precious, sharing your feelings and showing your vulnerability isn’t weak. We aren’t meant to go through life on our own. People do need other people. You will be surprised that there are so many of us who feel that way too. So you are not alone…not now…not ever…Please take down those walls, even if it’s just a little bit. Give your friend or loved ones a chance to hear you out, understand you, and provide you with a support that is so so so very needed. When we talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting and less scary. So please don’t be hard on yourself. Speak up!!! I promise you that, there are people who are willing to listen and help… when you’re ready. ~Latika Teotia