Ignore smaller issues !!!

Confrontation leads to more confrontation and ultimately it results in loss of peace of mind. Give up the tendency to pick up issues or quarrels at the drop of a hat, don’t plan or plot revenge and so on. That path is one of destruction and nothing good will ever come out of it. As a first step ignore smaller issues, stop reacting, give up anger and start seeing a friend in everyone. Very soon you’ll find peace and your changed attitude will be obvious on your face as well as in your body language and all this will pass over to your relationship with others. It’s very difficult to frown at someone who’s smiling at you. Make that smile your permanent garment.

Love more !!! Forgive more !!!

When we love someone, their biggest mistakes appear very small and we just ignore them. Treat everyone that way- especially your immediate family as well as your close circle.

Since you love them, put the petty things out of the way. Ignore smaller issues and don’t be ready to sermonize at the drop of a hat; no one likes to be ticked off. In your own house too, it’s better to ignore small irritants like someone leaving clothes crumpled in the cupboard or not putting the sofa cushions back in place or leaving used cups on the table or not cleaning the washroom properly after themselves or not leaving the remote control in the proper place and so on. It’s better to set it right yourself rather than spoil their mood or their day by pointing out or by making them set it right.

Remember, no one is deliberately triggering you; they just don’t realize their mistakes and with the passage of time they will surely come around to what you want- give them time. Even you may be having many faults which are so obvious to others but they are not pointing it out because they love you and would rather lose out on ego than on relationship.

Love people as they are , ignore small issues and I guarantee that you’ll stay happy- as also make others happy . ~Latika Teotia

Learn to ignore to find peace !!!

Life has many ups and downs; some of the things may happen according to your wishes, but there are other things which just take away your peace. If you start fretting and fuming over the ones that go wrong and hang on to those memories, then, believe me life is going to be one long whine. Learn to ignore and you will find peace.

As people grow older a certain amount of rigidity sets in not only in various parts of their bodies but in their mind sets as well. Very small deviations are enough to trigger strong reactions. Very often people start interfering in the lives of others; they should slow down and stopped interfering – especially in the lives of their children.  They must invest their energies in something productive which will also give them peace. They must learn to ignore if they want to find true happiness. ~Latika Teotia

Invest your time and energy wisely on things which matter !!!

People will try your patience, bug you, irritate you, do something petty and won’t think twice about it. It’s up to you to react by confronting them, seek an apology or just ignore them. I would sincerely advise you to ignore and move on. There are far better and more important things to do then waste time over eliciting a confession or an apology. Moreover, the people who do something wrong are neither mature enough to realize their follies nor will they accept that they were wrong. You will be banging your head against a stone wall and spoiling your own day. Invest your time and energy on things which matter. Hold on to your peace- always. ~Latika Teotia