You are your best help !!!

You are your best help. Don’t look to others when you are down, get up and get going- if someone lends a helping hand, treat it as a bonus; don’t ever take anybody’s help for granted and don’t depend on it either. It’s only when you feel responsible for yourself, for your troubles, your failures, your disappointments and your problems that you will realise that you have to tide over them too. So, if you are down, fill yourself up with courage and get going- no one’s coming to pick you up. ~Latika Teotia

To seek God’s help you have to help yourself too !!!

It is quite likely that while you are praying for God’s mercy and your wishes to be answered He too may be waiting to give you the desired wish. But, you have to at least start working towards it. You can’t just be sitting idle waiting for miracles. You have to work towards it and when the going gets tough, pray to Him to help you out. To seek God’s help you have to help yourself too.
~Latika Teotia

God helps those who help themselves !!!

  1. Wishing for something to happen without making any effort whatsoever will fetch you nothing. God helps those who help themselves. Get up and get going. Be the change you want to bring. ~Latika Teotia