Lead a life you want to without feeling guilty !!!

If you are convinced that the life style you are leading is right, if you are not coming in the way of others and not destabilizing or spoiling the peace of your neighborhood or the society then you don’t have to feel guilty. If some people criticize you for your living-style, don’t bother, remember you don’t have to respond to everyone and everything that others say, don’t feel guilty for ignoring them either. ~Latika Teotia

The real ‘reason’ of an ‘excuse’ is to get off the hook !!!

People try to get off the hook by giving excuses. Actually the reason why they are doing that is to try and get rid of the guilt which invariably accompanies such acts. They are trying to lessen their burden by passing on the responsibility on to others. They mix up excuse with reason. An excuse is an excuse and most certainly not a reason.. Be careful while accepting excuses because you may unwittingly take on responsibilities which were not yours in the first place.

There’s another type of excuse- the one you give to yourself. You don’t want to get up early in the morning, or you don’t feel like exercising, or you don’t want to mow the lawn and so on, therefore you will try and justify your action on the pretext that you slept late or couldn’t sleep properly or you have some imaginary ailment or the sky is overcast etc. Actually you are trying to get rid of that guilty feeling of not doing what you ought to have done.~ Latika Teotia