Do you think that you are in love? Do you have stars in your eyes and dream of a ‘happily ever after’ phase of life? Well, that’s romance. Love is much bigger, much deeper and much more profound. I can assure you that love is tough. Love is a commitment; it’s a promise to take the good and bad times in your stride. It’s about caring and sharing. It’s about unselfishness and an attitude of ‘my family comes first, my needs, desires and comfort comes last always and every time’. It’s the ability to outlast the bad times- never to let go, come what may. That’s what love is. So when you decide to take the plunge, remove those rose tinted glasses and see the stark realities first. If you feel that you can take your partner with all the flaws, accept that things can and will go wrong and that you are strong enough to weather any kind of storm, then go ahead, take the plunge. All the very best to you. ~Latika Teotia