Sending love !!!

I appreciate all those who are fighting to stay positive, kind and gentle in the midst of negative people. A single lamp is enough to lighten a room full of darkness; so also one single kind hearted positive person is enough to ward off all the negative, critical and difficult people. ~Latika Teotia

Love your body !!!

Please be kind to your body, take care of it; because it loves you unconditionally. There is an army/ a plethora of organisms that are at work day and night without a moment’s respite to keep it going. It protects you from illnesses; repairs cuts and heals broken bones. Your heart doesn’t stop beating, even when you are asleep or resting; it snatches those very few moments between heartbeats. Despite the misuse that you put it to, it always faithfully and dutifully takes it in its stride. In a nutshell- it never lets you down and serves you with all its heart. So, be kind to it, don’t punish it for loving you.~Latika Teotia

Holy Spirit coat my heart with compassion !!!

O Lord, fill my heart with compassion, let me be gentle and kind. Let me not ignore those that need my help. Make me overcome my fears, turn my weakness into strength and help me discover my hidden strength. Give me the wisdom to differentiate between good and evil. Let me welcome each day with hope and happiness~ Latika Teotia