Expressing gratitude !!!

In all sincerity, today, I want to express my gratitude to all those who have contributed to my well being, for “being there” when I needed them the most and for having made me felt loved every step of the way- especially when the chips were down and when the Sun didn’t shine too brightly. In the same flow I’m also grateful to all those who left me- especially during the storm and also those who were the cause of storms in my life. I’m glad that they left me when they did because they taught me invaluable and tough lessons about relationships. I could see very clearly who my friends were. Please bless these true friends O God in your own special way. ~Latika Teotia

Be grateful for every small and big thing !!!

Every day brings forth a new gift, be grateful that we are present to receive it. We have much to be thankful for.  We should be grateful for our journey so far, for those special events in our lives, for those sweet memories of yesteryears, for the family that we were born into, for the family that grew around us with the passage of time, for the friends who joined us along the way and for a million other things. We should be grateful for every small and big thing that life has given us. ~Latika Teotia

Sharing your feelings isn’t weak !!!

I know you want to keep things private and you have a desire to appear strong. I am sure you must be having your own strong reasons. But Precious, sharing your feelings and showing your vulnerability isn’t weak. We aren’t meant to go through life on our own. People do need other people. You will be surprised that there are so many of us who feel that way too. So you are not alone…not now…not ever…Please take down those walls, even if it’s just a little bit. Give your friend or loved ones a chance to hear you out, understand you, and provide you with a support that is so so so very needed. When we talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting and less scary. So please don’t be hard on yourself. Speak up!!! I promise you that, there are people who are willing to listen and help… when you’re ready. ~Latika Teotia