Karma will teach them a befitting lesson !!!

If people hurt you don’t ask them the reason; instead let them keep guessing why you never bothered to find out. If someone breaks relationship with you don’t cry, fret or fume; instead let them speculate why you didn’t. If people cheat you, don’t point out; instead let them wonder why you didn’t. Let your silence speak louder than your words. Remember Karma will teach them a befitting lesson in due course of time. ~Latika Teotia

Disappoint toxic people by side stepping !!!

More often than not people will rub you the wrong way expecting a strong reaction. Disappoint them by side stepping; your peace should be more important to you than proving yourself right or having the last word. As it is most of such arguments take place just to trigger you or bring you down to their level. It’s better to remain quiet and send them loving vibes and peace. Exercise restraint and self control always- act, don’t react. ~Latika Teotia