Don’t compare your life with others !!!

Don’t berate yourself and don’t underrate your life by comparing it with that of others. You have no idea what the other person is going through; the grass on the other side always appears to be greener. We have only one life, live it well and feel thankful for it. ~Latika Teotia

Stop comparing yourself with others !!!

Don’t be under pressure to perform. Don’t set deadlines for yourself and stop comparing yourself with others. Be comfortable with what and how much you have done. Don’t be influenced by what others have achieved. It’ll get you nowhere and you will gain nothing; on the contrary you will wind up feeling miserable. You will eventually reach your destination when it’s time. No amount of ranting and raving will get you there sooner. You will get your due when it’s your turn and when it’s your time. By all means make efforts, I don’t, for a moment, advocate inaction and just waiting for things to happen automatically; but do so without tension. Life is not a rat race; it’s a beautiful journey, enjoy the trip and enjoy the view. And above all have patience, have faith. ~Latika Teotia