Gratitude is just a matter of comparison !!!

If you are feeling demotivated ,down and depressed about all the things you want but haven’t got, start thinking about all the things you don’t want and haven’t got. You see there is a positive sight to everything in life.
Just compare your circumstances against what they might have been and you will become aware that no matter how bad things are they could have been worse,and then you will be grateful they aren’t.
~Latika Teotia

Do you compare yourself with others ???

When in doubt, look inwards and honestly count your blessings. We often grumble when things go wrong or when we get hurt. We are prone to crib about what we don’t have and forget to see what we already have. Comparing yourself with the good fortune of others is bound to bring a lot of misery in its wake. If you really want to get into that comparison mood then compare yourself with those who are less fortunate. A man who had just lost his job was sitting dejectedly in his balcony and watching people pass by when his eyes fell on a beggar who was rummaging through garbage for some food. The man in the balcony felt happy that at least he had enough to eat and was not reduced to what the beggar was doing. The beggar saw a one legged man who was hobbling around on crutches and felt happy that he had all his limbs intact. The one legged man saw a man being taken in a wheel chair and counted himself fortunate that he could at least move around on his own. The man in the wheel chair saw a hearse taking away a dead body and thanked God that he was alive. ~Latika Teotia