Take more chances !!! Dance more dances !!!

Don’t be afraid of what could happen or that you may end up in pain if you took a chance on love or life. If you don’t take the plunge you may lead a safe life but it will be drab one. Life is too short to let it just pass by. Grab those short but beautiful moments which may lead to lifetime memories. As Garth Brooks famously sang, “I could have missed the pain but I’d have had to miss the dance.”~Latika Teotia

Are you happy with the life you are leading????

Are you happy with the life you are leading???? If the answer is no then identify the areas where change is required. I know that you have invested a lot in relationship, career and so on, but living like a zombie is also not right because you still have a life ahead of you. Take a chance, make changes, go for therapy if needed. Don’t just survive; LIVE. It is after all, a beautiful life. You are worthy of love, joy, peace and happiness. Making it beautiful is very much in your hands and you can do it. My prayers and best wishes. ~ Latika Teotia