Learn ! Deal ! Heal !

When stuck in grim situations you have two very clear choices- either search for solutions or make excuses. What becomes of you thereafter is entirely of your own making. Life is not fair and will throw unexpected punches at you; it’ll shock you once in a while and knock your breath out with solid blows; how you react is entirely up to you. You must not remain lying flat on the ground, because you are not defeated when you get knocked out, but you are, when you refuse to get up. So get up and accept life’s challenges. Not only will you succeed but you will also be confident of facing all situations in future.
~Latika Teotia

Face life bravely and don’t deviate from your main purpose !!!

Who said that life is a bed of roses and it is smooth sailing all the way ??? It is full of challenges and is a roller coaster ride with no respite. We have to deal with family issues, break ups, accidents, health issues, deaths and many other unforeseen calamities. Never give up and never ever give in. The challenge is to rise after you fall and come out stronger from that experience. Don’t be afraid, face life bravely and don’t deviate from your main purpose. Live life to the hilt. ~Latika Teotia