Break free of the bars that hold you caged !!!

Unless you risk and break free of the bars that hold you caged you won’t gain something which can take you to even greater heights. Gather all the courage; dare yourself to challenge the limits and cross the threshold of fear as well as anxiety- something better awaits you at the other end. Those who wait for fruits to fall wait longer than those who pluck it off the tree. ~Latika Teotia

Life is never against you; it is for you- so live it !!!

Life does appear to be unfair at times. We are overwhelmed by our problems and get into sadness mode. Take a hard look at what you are confronted with, try to analyze it and see what life wants you to see. Maybe you need to make changes and you will surely see a way out. Life has thrown a challenge at you; it hasn’t knocked you out, so why should you declare that you’re down and out ? While there’s life there’s hope and where there is hope there is always a way out.  So don’t give up. ~Latika Teotia

Have patience, have faith !!!

Problems are temporary; they don’t last forever. Sooner or later they get solved and things fall into place. Have patience, have faith. Remember you are bigger than any and every problem or challenge that life throws at you.
~Latika Teotia

Learn to adapt !!!

Just when we have settled down and feel we are in a safe environment life does the unanticipated and throws an unexpected challenge at us. Always be prepared for the unexpected and learn to adapt. Don’t buckle down and give up. Face all challenges bravely. ~Latika Teotia