Woman, be proud of yourself !!!

From all the chaos, confusion, disorder, turmoil and pandemonium around her where things are in total disarray a woman is capable of not only restoring order but also bringing peace as well as harmony. She is brave, competent, accomplished, gifted, capable and blessed. Woman, be proud of yourself. ~Latika Teotia

Believe in yourself !!!

The troubled times that you go through are not meant to break you, instead they are meant to show you the hidden strength that lies within. It is at times like this when you thought you are broke that you suddenly discover that you have a pile of cash stashed away which you had completely forgotten about. Draw upon those hidden reserves that you never knew existed and come out stronger from the experience. It is your ability to brave the storm that is more important. ~Latika Teotia

Fresh start, begins now !!!

The worst is behind you. Lock it up in a deep dungeon and throw away the key. You could live through what you felt were your worst moments. Now hold your head high, wear that smile you had forgotten existed and show the world the new ‘you’. ~Latika Teotia

Face life bravely and don’t deviate from your main purpose !!!

Who said that life is a bed of roses and it is smooth sailing all the way ??? It is full of challenges and is a roller coaster ride with no respite. We have to deal with family issues, break ups, accidents, health issues, deaths and many other unforeseen calamities. Never give up and never ever give in. The challenge is to rise after you fall and come out stronger from that experience. Don’t be afraid, face life bravely and don’t deviate from your main purpose. Live life to the hilt. ~Latika Teotia

You are strong, stay that way !!!

Stay calm and composed even when the things around you appear to be in a state of chaos. Learn to draw on your inner strength to brave all the storms. Stay firm and rock steady and let the disorder around you turn into order. That is your real test. You must not allow anyone or anything to take away your peace of mind or unbalance you. Don’t let even the worst of storms steal your inner peace and calm. You are strong, hold on to your peace. ~Latika Teotia

Encouraging awakening !!!

It took me ages to find my voice; now I intend using it in the best possible way to reach out to as many as I can and inspire them to find theirs. ~Latika Teotia