Create ME time and make self care your main priority !!!

More often than not we forget to give time to ourselves; we are so caught up in our daily lives that we ignore our wants, desires and wishes. Don’t lose your identity in this busy world; don’t give false promises to yourself saying that you will live it up once you have reached a certain level. Don’t put your career ahead of yourself otherwise you will either break down or burn out. Take time off for yourself and the right time to do that is NOW. Self care is just as important, if not more, as your career goals. You can do justice to your daily life, your career, your ambitions and your dreams provided you are well and alive. So now on create the ME time, nourish your soul and make self care your main concern. ~Latika Teotia

Lead a fulfilling life full of bliss !!!

Discover your inner self; listen to you inner voice. It will lead you on paths as yet untrodden; open doors that you took for granted were always shut and take you to places that you never knew even existed. You will meet new people who will share the same vibes as yours and discover a life that you ought to have been leading. However, if you can’t hear that inner voice properly then it’s high time that you decreased the volume of the din around you. Maybe too many distractions have taken a toll on your inner self and made that inner voice feeble. Turn a new leaf, take charge of your life and lead a fulfilling life full of bliss. ~Latika Teotia

Happiness lies in contentment !!!

We spend our entire lives chasing that elusive mirage called success because we mistake it for happiness. We say, “Let me achieve this and I’ll be happy,” little realizing that success alone cannot bring happiness. After the successful completion of one task there is another one and another and yet another… Happiness lies in contentment. True happiness is ours if we are content with what we have and don’t hanker for more. Bliss lies in being satisfied with what you have…~Latika Teotia