Live a life that makes your heart sing with joy !!!

Good or bad, happy or sad, everything that happens does so for a reason; no incident in this world is a stray occurrence. Don’t be unnecessarily perplexed or anxious about it- accept it. There’s no point resisting it because it was ordained. A strain of music, perhaps a song, at times a stray incident brings back memories of another day. Some may be nostalgically beautiful others may bring back that ache in the heart that you thought you had overcome long ago. Don’t stop them, let them keep flooding in. They are your memories of an era gone by. Feel them. Relive the good ones. Chew the cud of nostalgia. You will feel energized. The unhappy ones too are welcome, let them in. That pain that you feel once again is the purging of your heart. Feel that the ache for one last time and forgive those that caused the pain. Let go of those memories tenderly. Gently bid them adieu with love. You are a new person now. Those old memories have gone and they have left a space; you are now ready to accept new ones. Fill your life with love; spread it. Live life the way you want to. Do things that you have wanted to do all this while but were afraid to. Live the life that brings you happiness and makes your heart sing with joy. ~Latika Teotia

Stay motivated !!!

I refuse to be cowed down by sufferings; life is too short and too beautiful to be wasted on baseless worries. I choose joy and trust the universe !!!
~Latika Teotia

Are you happy with the life you are leading????

Are you happy with the life you are leading???? If the answer is no then identify the areas where change is required. I know that you have invested a lot in relationship, career and so on, but living like a zombie is also not right because you still have a life ahead of you. Take a chance, make changes, go for therapy if needed. Don’t just survive; LIVE. It is after all, a beautiful life. You are worthy of love, joy, peace and happiness. Making it beautiful is very much in your hands and you can do it. My prayers and best wishes. ~ Latika Teotia