Latika Teotia

Hello, I am Latika Teotia and I’d like to be recognised as a “Hope Giver”. I took to the internet a few years ago and pleasantly surprised myself by discovering a whole new world without boundaries and endless opportunities to spread cheer as well as hope. This has been a great journey of light; I learned, I evolved and I am still learning as well as evolving.

My life’s journey hasn’t been smooth one. I have been through many issues like traumatic childhood, family disintegration, relationship issues and loneliness. I had to hold my own in bringing up a special daughter diagnosed with cerebral palsy, no binocular vision and with speech issues. Infact, Neurologists had predicted that she wouldn’t be able

to study beyond the Eighth standard. That’s when I took up the challenge to make things possible for my little Angel. It was an uphill journey making her speak, dropping her to school, Establishing personal rapport with her Teachers, Principal, Classmates and Others. Yes, it was a Herculean task making her study in normal school/college. It was quite a task balancing between my hyperactive son who had a series of life threatening injuries with my inactive and completely quiet daughter; yet been able to do justice with both. I had to make my daughter believe in herself and do well. She turned out to be cooperative child and responded well. My Hardwork paid off and she has blossomed into a beautiful, confident girl leading a near normal life. She has completed her masters, is preparing for further higher studies and will be appearing for competitive examinations. This has been possible because of Believing in self, Hardwork, Determination, Positive Thinking and having full Faith in the Miracles of God. Thats what inspired me to volunteer for working with special needs children and their care givers. Their innocence and trusting nature despite their obvious helplessness touches a chord in my heart. I try to sow the seed of hope in them and urge them to have full Faith in God and His Miracles.

I am also very fond of old aged people and love visiting them. They have endless stories in their repositories. That’s when I discovered my ability to listen patiently and connecting with lonely hearts as well as applying the healing touch. Their stories inspired me into connecting with many such people. I have been able to reach out by listening to lonely hearts and guiding them in my own small way. I feel blessed that I’m able to make a difference in the lives of people I came across.

I am creative by nature and love to paint. I am sportsperson and love the outdoors. I love going on long drives and reconnecting to nature. I am moved by music which touches my very soul.

My friends and family encouraged me to start “Have Wings Will Fly” and it has firmly put me on the path of Self-Discovery. The love and support that I received through this page inspired me to start this site; I hope to reach out to wider cross section of readers through it.

Dear Reader, life is not always smooth; it can be rough and it can be lonely at times. Don’t quit. Build a bridge of faith and trust to free yourself from the prison of fear. Dare to break those shackles that bind you and pull you down. Make a Positive Change!!! Live in Hope!!! Live in Faith!!!

I’m always there to hold a hope and build a trust till you are able to spread your wings and soar high in the sky. Have Wings Will Fly!!!