Keep shining !!!

The dents and scars in your life’s journey are living proofs that you have really travelled bravely and tackled challenges head on. You are strong and have an indomitable spirit. Keep it that way. You are an inspiration for others.
~Latika Teotia

Take pride in your triumphs !!!

You don’t have to be ashamed or embarrassed about your struggles, pains, betrayals, trials and tribulations. Be proud that you could handle all these and come out victorious in the end. Be defined by your strengths, your ability to overcome all odds bravely and the “never say die” spirit. Take pride in your triumphs and your achievements. Shine on. ~Latika Teotia

It’s OK to cry once in a while !!!

Whenever I am sad and depressed; whenever I cry tears of pain or frustration I ask my little heart, why do I cry. Why does this emotion overtake me time and again. Then a little voice from within say that it’s OK to cry once in a while. If you’ve been hurt, it’s better to cry yourself to calmness, to console yourself instead of retaliating. These tears make me human instead of becoming a hard hearted person. Tears retain the innocent being within me. So tears are my biggest strength, they are my best friends. ~Latika Teotia

Who said that life is fair???

While there’s life, there’s hope and where there’s hope the Sun will always shine. Who said that life is fair? We all have our share of happiness and sorrow, hope and disappointments. At times your life appears to be spiraling out of control; that’s the time you should remain calm. Draw upon your hidden strength and very soon you will be on top of things. Remember order comes out of chaos. Be positive, be hopeful and very soon life will be a song.
~Latika Teotia

We are powerful in sisterhood !!!

We are capable and can overcome any situation life throws at us. We can breathe life and strength into each other by holding on to each other in life’s journey. We are powerful in sisterhood and are here to support each other-unconditionally . ~Latika Teotia

Holy Spirit coat my heart with compassion !!!

O Lord, fill my heart with compassion, let me be gentle and kind. Let me not ignore those that need my help. Make me overcome my fears, turn my weakness into strength and help me discover my hidden strength. Give me the wisdom to differentiate between good and evil. Let me welcome each day with hope and happiness~ Latika Teotia