Repose trust in God and all will be well !!!

Forgive and forget what had happened. Do not brood over your past mistakes and failures. Relax !!! You are constantly evolving. Love yourself to bits.
Get up !!! Step out !!! And keep this in mind that God’s help is close at hand. Repose trust in Him and all will be well. ~Latika Teotia

Be God loving; not God fearing !!!

God is all forgiving and very very kind- despite all our faults. He never hurts or harms His children no matter how much they take for granted their relationship with Him. Remember He never forsakes us, it is we who ignore Him when times are good and go running to Him when things turn nasty. Not even once does He bear any grudge, nor does He turn us away. With a heavy heart full of guilt we approach Him and return feeling much much lighter. That is the beauty of our relationship with God.

He encourages us to come to Him not out of fear but out of love. No matter how many times we may have forgotten Him, He still accepts us lovingly; He is too kind and His Mercy is far bigger than our mistakes. His arms are always open to receive us with all our faults. We should go to God because we love Him and not because we are afraid of Him.  ~Latika Teotia

Woman, know thyself and recognize your worth !!!

Woman you are strong, you are patient and you have been blessed with a very large heart. Stand up, stand tall and take your place under the sun. Get out of your “I am weak” mind set, crush that self doubting frame of mind which makes it impossible for you to take a step forward and soar on the wings of confidence. You have only to decide to don the mantle of the confident, vibrant, positive woman and the world is yours. So step up, step out and fly…~Latika Teotia

Be Empowered !!!

Choose hope, instead of feeding your sadness. Steer clear of the fear of failure and disappointment. Soar high on the wings of endless hope and God’s unconditional love for you. You are a woman, a beautiful woman, be confident in yourself. ~Latika Teotia