Learn to enjoy the seasons of life !!!

Along with age comes invaluable experience. Time is a great teacher, so are successes and failures. Nothing goes waste; everything that we go through, every occurrence and every incident leaves a lesson in its wake.

It is this experience that builds in us an ability to recognize good friends from opportune or fair weather ones, a knack to distinguish right from wrong, patience to take sorrows in our stride and so on. And it is this that also finally makes us what we are. We should learn to enjoy our new self; we’ve earned it. ~Latika Teotia

Life teaches us invaluable lessons !!!

Life teaches us invaluable lessons through our experiences and I treasure these. If I’ve been hurt, humiliated, shunned or sidelined I have grown that much stronger by learning precious lessons from them. If I’ve experienced spells of failures and disappointments, I’ve had my moments of sunshine too. But the best gift that experiences have given me is that I don’t commit the same mistake twice. They have taught me to overcome even the most difficult obstacles. ~Latika Teotia

God is present everywhere; reach out and experience Him !!!

God cannot be confined within the four walls of a building or within the pages of a book or in the lyrics of prayer songs. He resides in everything; He is an experience to be felt, lived and treasured. We can find Him everywhere. He is present in the gurgle of the mountain stream, in the dew drop, in the gay abandon flight of a bird, in the fragrance of flowers, in the innocent toothless smile of a new born, in the soft clouds above, in the whistle of the wind passing through trees, in our every heartbeat and in every part of our body; there’s no place where He isn’t present. You have only to reach out and experience Him. ~Latika Teotia

You live, you learn !!!

You are who you are because of your experience. Every little thing that happens to you, whether success, failure, good or bad is a stepping stone in making you who you ultimately become. Therefore, accept each experience as it is. While success will teach you the value of hard work, failure will give you invaluable insights into where you went wrong. The people you meet too affect your life. If someone gives you love, repay them in whatever way you can; hold such people close to your heart and don’t let go of them. Such people teach you the value of love and also guide you to open out and love others. On the other hand if someone hurts you or breaks your very heart, humiliates you or makes you feel small, forgive them and move on. Such people have just taught you an invaluable lesson too. Use that experience and walk with your eyes open so that you don’t commit the same mistake twice/ again. Don’t worry you aren’t the only one with a hurt or a broken heart, everyone’s been through a similar experience sometime or the other. ~Latika Teotia

Aging has its benefits !!!

As we grow older we have the advantage of hindsight- it’s called experience, which makes us do things better than before. Throughout our lives we perform to the best of our abilities yet it is experience which is the cutting edge and refines what we do as we grow older. ~Latika Teotia