Take a chance on change !!!

In order to remain relevant we have to keep up with the times; this may mean changing ourselves, adapting to the situation, carrying out mid course corrections and so on. At times these may forced on us and at other times these may come about by accident. Therefore, in a way, we are constantly evolving; our effort should be to evolve into a better person- better than the previous one before we decided to change. We must get rid of the extra baggage that we have been lugging around; in fact we must constantly take stock and free ourselves off what doesn’t help us evolve. Take a leap; don’t be afraid. Remember, we have nothing to lose but our own inhibitions, fears and limitations. ~Latika Teotia

Invest your time and energy wisely on things which matter !!!

People will try your patience, bug you, irritate you, do something petty and won’t think twice about it. It’s up to you to react by confronting them, seek an apology or just ignore them. I would sincerely advise you to ignore and move on. There are far better and more important things to do then waste time over eliciting a confession or an apology. Moreover, the people who do something wrong are neither mature enough to realize their follies nor will they accept that they were wrong. You will be banging your head against a stone wall and spoiling your own day. Invest your time and energy on things which matter. Hold on to your peace- always. ~Latika Teotia