It is always advisable to be a good listener !!!

Sometimes in our exuberance we overstep ourselves. Someone may be passing through a difficult time and no sooner do they start talking about their problems than we interrupt them with quick fix solutions. We couldn’t be more wrong in our approach. Perhaps all that the other person wants is to unwind and just talk. Nothing more. People want to be assured that you’ll be there when they need you. Right now all they want you to do is to sympathetically lend your ear! It is always advisable to be a good listener. ~Latika Teotia

Help a person who is passing through a bout of depression !!!

You’ll be doing a great selfless service by helping a person who is passing through a bout of depression. Remember, depression doesn’t come up suddenly; a series of incidents makes a person depressed. If you really want to help a depressed person then don’t interfere by nagging, pushing, giving them moral lectures and burdening them with “shoulds” & “shouldn’ts.” Give them space, time and unconditional support. Let them know that you’re around and that it’s human to  pass through such a phase. Let them understand that you’re not judging them so that they feel comfortable enough to open out to you. ~Latika Teotia

Love and Care unconditionally !!!

Broken hearts behave in a million different ways- some of them are most unpredictable. More often than not such persons build walls around them and drive their loved ones crazy with their erratic behavior. Don’t give up on them at this time; it is now that they need you the most. Give them time and space. Then nurse them, mend their broken feathers and send them on their way fully recovered ready to face the world. ~Latika Teotia

Love sincerely, love truly and empathize with those whose sufferings you can’t lessen !!!

You don’t have to feel disappointed with yourself for not being able to alleviate the suffering of others. There are some things that are just beyond us. But what lies within our reach is to empathize, to love, to try very hard to be a good companion, a good listener and above all a good human being. That’s what we can do and that is what we must do. Sincerely love those who need us and show genuine care to them. Commit yourself a hundred percent to your relationship- give it all that you have. If you can do this you have done enough and that should give you a sense of satisfaction. ~Latika Teotia

Care for the weak!!!

We are strong if we value the lives of others and are sensitive towards their feelings. The truly strong person will always care for the weak and vulnerable.
~Latika Teotia